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      Our Principle

      For every child’s lifelong happiness.

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      Our Educational Aims

      Establish high quality school which is the most suitable for children’s development.

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      Our Training Goals

      Cultivate innovative talents with national spirit and international vision.

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      Our Features and Advantages

      Qualify the course, humanize the education, modernize the management, and internationalize the talents.

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      Campus View

      About Us

      Baoding Heyang Foreign Language School is a nine-year coherent education school with both boarders and externs. Covering an area of 200 mu , and possessing 180,000 square meters’ building land. Heyang Foreign Language School is a garden-like international school integrated with teaching area, sports area, and living area. The school owns high standard teaching buildings, student apartment buildings, teacher apartment buildings, laboratory buildings, multi-functional?conference hall, multi-media classrooms, standard plastic ground track field, football ground, basketball court, indoor tennis court, badminton court, table tennis training hall, domestic?advanced digital interactive classes, selected classes recorded rooms, e-reading rooms, large opening library, science museum, campus TV, audio classrooms, computer rooms, ceramic art rooms, calligraphy rooms, art?gallery, independent piano rooms, psychological counseling room, high standard indoor pool, catering center, and so forth.

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      Contact Us

      • TEL:0312-2195999
      • Post Code:071000
      • Q? Q:1814344290
      • School Location: No.366, East 2th ring, Baoding
      • Bus Route: Taking bus 60, getting off at Fanzhuang stop